UBB Asset Management

About us

KBC ASSET MANAGEMENT – KLON - the successor to UBB Asset Management EAD, is a licensed management company by decision of the Financial Supervision Commission since 2004.
KBC ASSET MANAGEMENT – KLON organizes and manages eight collective investment schemes in BGN and one collective investment scheme in euro:

MF "UBB Platinum Bond" - conservative mutual fund;
MF "UBB Platinum Euro Bond" - conservative mutual fund denominated in euro;

MF "UBB Balanced Fund" - balanced mutual fund;
MF "UBB Premium Equity" - High-yield mutual fund;
MF "Patrimonium Land" - High-yield mutual fund;
MF "Global Pharm Invest" - High-yield mutual fund;
MF "Global Child Fund" - High-yield mutual fund;
MF "Global Growth" - High-yield mutual fund;
MF "Global Dividend" - High-yield mutual fund;

The funds managed by KBC ASSET MANAGEMENT – KLON are among the most successful Bulgarian collective investment schemes that offer innovative and attractive opportunities for investment growth on the Bulgarian and international capital markets.



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