UBB Platinum Euro Bond

UBB Platinum Euro Bond
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UBB Platinum Euro Bond is a conservative mutual fund invest primarly in corporate bonds, deposits, corporate bonds, government securities and money market instruments, but denominated in Euro.

Recommended investment period: at least 2 year.

An investor in shares of UBB Platinum Euro Bond has a long-term investment goals for increasing the value of its investments through realization of moderate income (capital gains, interest income and dividends), while minimize the risk of investing in securities.

Type of fund: Conservative mutual fund
Investment focus: Debt securities and money market
instruments - denominated in Euro
Inception date: 30.05.2010
Minimum investment: 500 Euro
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Depository bank: Eurobank Bulgaria JSC
Fees for investors
Issue fee no
   Redemption fee before 3 month      0.50% from NAV per 1 unit
Redemption fee after 3 month      no
Management fee 0.50%

KBC ASSET MANAGEMENT – KLON has made available a network of offices where investors may place orders for purchase and sale of units of "UBB Platinum Euro Bond". These are the branches of "United Bulgarian Bank" throughout the country.

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