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UBB Global Growth
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Structure and Structure of Assets in Management of the Investment Portfolio of UBB Global Growth Fund:
In order to achieve the main objectives of UBB Global Growth Fund and in risk management, the Management Company may apply appropriate investment methods to hedge the different types of risk in which it may enter into transactions with rights, futures, forwards , Options, swaps, and other derivatives.
In order to ensure liquidity and to achieve higher returns, the Management Company may execute on expense of UBB Global Growth MF long-term transactions in the acquisition and sale of financial instruments as well as repurchase agreements.
The main objective of UBB Global Growth Fund is to ensure that unit-holders maintain and increase the value of the funds invested by them by realizing mainly capital gains and, to a lesser extent, income from dividends and interest at moderate to high risk. The financial goal of UBB Global Growth Fund is an increase in the value of its long-term stakes in providing high liquidity to investors' funds. In order to achieve the above objectives, the Management Company follows an aggressive investment policy under active management of the investment portfolio of financial instruments and funds of UBB Global Growth Fund.
he choice of investment instruments is based on a fundamental and technical analysis, with preferential selection of securities with high potential for growth in market prices and realization of capital gains.
The profitability expected to be realized in the management of the assets of UBB Global Growth Fund is mainly formed by income from price differences in the purchase and sale of financial instruments from the portfolio of UBB Global Growth Fund and in a smaller Degree of dividends received and interest on debt securities, bank deposits, etc.
The funds of UBB Global Growth Fund will be invested mainly in equity securities of companies whose revenues and profits are expected to grow above market averages admitted to trading on regulated markets in the country and abroad, which have a high potential for Growth. The specific asset structure will depend on current market conditions and will be dynamic within the limits set out above.

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