UBB Premium Equity

UBB Premium Equity
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Orders for purchase or redemption of units of "Premium Equity" are taken every working day during working hours with clients of the Bank.

ОББ Премиум АкцииThe minimum investment amount for the acquisition of units of "UBB Premium Equity 100 (one hundred) leva.
ОББ Премиум АкцииThe minimum amount of the monthly payment upon signing the contract to systematically invest in "Premium Equity" is 20 (twenty) leva.
ОББ Премиум АкцииThe minimum balance required redemption of units of "Premium Equity" is 10 (ten) shares.
ОББ Премиум АкцииFor submission of the order at a branch of UBB it is necessary to have a current account with the Bank.
ОББ Премиум АкцииIt is necessary to have a contract for electronic banking of UBB.
ОББ Премиум АкцииThe customer needs sign in in the e-banking with "active operations".
ОББ Премиум АкцииOrders must be submitted through menu U-FUND / "Registration of order."
ОББ Премиум АкцииIf the order value is over 30 000 lev, the field of origin of the funds is required.
ОББ Премиум АкцииIf the customer has a contract for systematic investment gains access only to the reference part in the U-FUND.

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For more information please read the Prospectus of "UBB Premium Equity"

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