UBB Premium Equity

UBB Premium Equity
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ОББ Премиум АкцииThe funds of the "UBB Premium Equity Fund" is invested primarily in shares admitted to trading or traded on regulated markets at Bulgaria and abroad that have high growth potential and demonstrate high volatility of prices, volatility to the portfolio increased risk, respectively - the possibility of higher returns.

ОББ Премиум АкцииStructuring and maintaining a diversified investment portfolio and to protect investors' funds from adverse market developments, the Management Company invests funds "UBB Premium Equity" in shares issued by foreign issuers and in debt securities issued by states, municipalities and corporate Bulgarian and foreign issuers.

ОББ Премиум АкцииFixed income securities and deposits in the portfolio structure is mainly used for risk diversification, as well as the realization of current income in times of unfavorable market situation for equity securities (shares in public companies and units of mutual funds).

ОББ Премиум АкцииTo ensure liquidity and achieve higher profitability, the Management Company may undertake on behalf of "UBB Premium Equity 'term transactions in the acquisition and sale of securities and contracts with repurchase (repos).

ОББ Премиум АкцииTo achieve the main objectives of the "UBB Premium Equity" and risk management Management Company may implement appropriate investment methods of protecting the portfolio (hedging) of different types of risk, in which may enter into transactions with rights, futures, forwards, options, swaps and other derivative financial instruments.

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