UBB Premium Equity

UBB Premium Equity
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"UBB Premium Equity” fund is focused primarily in shares of Bulgarian companies listed on Bulgarian Stock Exchange, that have high growth potential, but also have changes in their prices in short-term period.

Recommended investment period: at least 5 years.

"UBB Premium Equity” fund is intended for risk investors, looking for higher returns for their investments and accept the possibility of negative changes in the prices of shares of the fund

Type of fund: Mutual fund focosed on stocks
Investment focus: Bulgarian equities
Inception date:      30.01.2006
Minimum investment: 100 BGN
Currency: Bulgarian lev(BGN)
Depository bank: Eurobank Bulgaria JSC
Fees for investors
Issue fee no
   Redemption fee before 18 month      0.40% from NAV per 1 unit
Redemption fee after 18 month      no
Management fee 2.90%
KBC ASSET MANAGEMENT – KLON has made available a network of offices where the investors can submit orders for the purchase and sale of units of UBB Premium Equity. These are the branches of United Bulgarian Bank AD throughout the country.
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